Bentonite Clay Ruined My Hair (Treatments and What to Do About It)

Bentonite Clay Ruined My Hair (Treatments and What to Do About It)

The beauty and skincare industries are full of various solutions, every with its record of dos and don’ts when it arrives to application. If you consider bentonite clay has ruined your hair, prospects are it has not, so you should not panic, at least not promptly or before getting in touch with a haircare professional. In lots of conditions, you have not eliminated the bentonite the right way, and there are techniques you can take to correct the dilemma!

Bentonite clay ruined my hair!

It is unlikely that bentonite clay ruined your hair, while it can make it truly feel heavy, sticky, and in lots of instances, dried out. If you come to feel as while bentonite clay has manufactured your hair come to feel less than perfect, the to start with matter you’ll want to do is rinse it with warm drinking water to open up the hair follicle and allow the leftover residue to rinse cleanse. You can choose a few extra methods (these kinds of as shampooing and deep conditioning) to assist your hair experience its finest.

If you have been considering about working with bentonite clay in your hair treatment routine, or you think it has ruined your hair, go through on to find out far more about the clay itself and how to deal with any damage that may possibly consequence!

Functioning with Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay isn’t the most manageable hair care product or service to function with, as it involves merchandise awareness and the means to comply with guidelines flawlessly, which can be an situation if you are in a hurry. If you’ve obtained merchandise create-up and will need a cleaning wash, bentonite clay can be a lifesaver, but you have to do your research to execute the approach the right way.

Prior to applying a bentonite clay mask, which can be a superb way to detox your hair with normal elements, you should know your hair sort. Bentonite can dry out your hair, so if you have received locks vulnerable to breaking and brittleness, bentonite clay might not be suitable for you.

What is bentonite clay?

Generally shaped from volcanic ash, bentonite clay is nutrient-rich and an productive pH-balancer for skin and hair. It has numerous employs in the overall health and attractiveness environment and is from time to time used in moisturizers to handle distinct skin conditions. Bentonite clay can get the job done miracles on numerous hair types, but it can wreak havoc on other folks.

Bentonite clay and porous hair

If you have done any research on bentonite clay before now, you have in all probability go through a little something that states its effects on porous hair. Bentonite clay can be advantageous for most hair forms, but if you have porous hair, it can rapidly strip and take in drinking water out of your strands, leaving you with very dehydrated locks.

If you do have porous hair, you can use bentonite clay on the scalp only, leaving it off the length of your locks. With the scalp-only process, you can stay away from the clay pulling as well considerably moisture out of your hair although detoxing and cleaning your scalp.

How to tell if you have porous hair

If you’re doubtful regardless of whether you have porous hair, there are a few methods you can tell. Minimal porosity hair does not take in water really swiftly in the shower and is typically greasy or shiny. On the other hand, it can also come to feel dry to the touch as the cuticles are shut tightly.

Higher porosity hair absorbs h2o quite promptly in the shower and has dry ends, lacking glow although remaining frizzy most of the time. The cuticles of substantial porosity hair are open up and typically broken.

Ought to I use bentonite clay on my hair?

No matter if or not you need to use a bentonite clay mask on your hair is totally up to you. If you feel your hair is far too porous and therefore will take in way too much of the products, you might want to steer away from a solution that can be drying, as it could quite effectively come to feel like it is ruined your hair.

Having said that, if you have wholesome, non-porous hair that needs a detox, bentonite clay could be fantastic for you! It’s generally finest to make substantial hair choices with the aid of a specialist stylist that is aware your hair, and only they can tell you what the likely consequence of applying a bentonite clay hair mask might be. With out issue, it is not suitable for each and every hair type, so when working with bentonite, you should move forward with caution. If you’ve by now absent forward with the bentonite software and sense like it’s accomplished a lot more hurt to your hair than superior, we will go over how to resolve it.

How to resolve doable bentonite clay harm

If you’ve done a bentonite clay hair mask without having the direction of a qualified and you’re apprehensive that it’s ruined the health and fitness of your hair, there are a couple things you can do to get your hair back again on monitor and emotion like typical.

Heat Drinking water Rinse

The initial point you will have to do if you fear that bentonite clay has left your hair in bad form is a heat water rinse. Ensure that you are not making use of cold h2o or scalding scorching. It need to be lukewarm to carefully open up the hair cuticle and allow the bentonite to clean out comprehensively. If the drinking water is rinsing cloudy, there is continue to clay in your hair.


How does your hair feel soon after the rinse? Is it dry or weighty? Does it nevertheless truly feel loaded with clay? If your hair feels sticky, there’s continue to clay in your strands, so repeat the rinse. If your hair feels weighed down, you will want to go on to stage three. You can move to stage four if it feels tangled, knotty, and dry.

Clean Completely

Loaded or hefty hair could require a shampoo just after a bentonite mask. Washing with sulfate and silicone-absolutely free shampoo will support you clear the clay mask off your hair and depart it emotion lighter.

Deep Situation

It would aid if you usually utilized a fantastic deep conditioner after a bentonite clay mask. Because bentonite can be so really hard, making use of a deep conditioner or humidity mask can assist your hair get better from the stripping and create-up removing system. If you are dealing with an abundance of tangles and dryness after a bentonite mask, but your hair doesn’t truly feel sticky, shampoo and then utilize a deep conditioner.


Your hair will call for aftercare just after bentonite clay remedy. It would be best if you ongoing to use thick, dependable salon-quality conditioners and shampoo with clean, nutritious elements. Bentonite clay can get the job done miracles to leave hair sensation refreshed and clean, but it usually needs damage handle afterward.

Successfully working with bentonite clay

There are 1000’s of results tales circulating the web regarding bentonite clay and how it increases or ruins hair. Your results will rely seriously on your hair type, and we simply cannot endorse assembly with your stylist about the subject right before you combine up a mask and use it to your unsuspecting strands.

Bentonite clay has lots of rewards, but if you misuse it or on hair that isn’t sturdy sufficient to tackle it, you are not likely to see these benefits. Just take the guidance of a hair care experienced on the subject, and if they give you the approval, stick to their recommendations carefully to provide you with the best results attainable.

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