Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Beginning Jewelry Artists

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Beginning Jewelry Artists

What do you get the person that needs so much to get started in their jewelry making journey? It’s a difficult question, especially for those who may not have expansive knowledge when it comes to crafting jewelry. There are so many options and, when shopping for a beginner, you want to make sure that you are getting them items they are able to use right away. Stones and other jewelry elements are fun gifts, but will the recipient be able to use them right away? That’s where this gift guide comes in. We’ve compiled some of our favorite items for newbie jewelry artists that will aid them in their artistry and you in gifting.

Rio Grande Jewelry Starter Kit
Jeweler’s Basic Hand Tool Kit from RioGrande

Get your friend started in jewelry making with a fun kit this season! RioGrande’s Jeweler’s Basic Hand Tool Kit gives a beginning jewelry artist all the basic tools so they can start their first projects. This kit includes 11 essentials that every jeweler has in their own expanded kits. The kit comes with various pliers, tweezers, a chasing hammer, a steel bench block, and even more! Any beginning jewelry maker who receives this as a gift will be appreciative and will have you to thank for starting their jewelry making journey.

Complete Metalsmith, by Tim McCreight
Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight

To some, books are not ideal for gifting, however, there are exceptions to this. The budding jewelry artist in your life will learn everything they need to about metalsmithing and more in Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith [affiliate link]. This book is easy to understand and informative to all, especially beginners. Readers will learn about various tools, metals, stones, shaping, and more. There are also safety tips and important charts noting different melting points of materials they will most likely use in their jewelry making future. Sometimes gifting knowledge is the way to go, and this book is perfect for that!

Contenti Jewelry Soldering Kit for Beginners
Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit with Butane Torch from Contenti

Best Soldering Kit

Soldering is an essential part of jewelry making. For those who are just starting to get into the craft, the Contenti Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit is a perfect gift. The set even comes with a butane torch. All your recipient needs beforehand is their own solder. The kit comes with a grand total of 13 items including a charcoal soldering block, various tools, and an electric pickle pot. Buying kits is a great way to get a new jewelry artist started, and it also is a way to save on buying these tools individually. If you are looking to give this friend or family member an extra special treat, solders are also available on the seller’s site.

HMR-17 The Chasing Hammer, by Bill Fretz
HMR-17 Chasing Hammer from Fretz

Best Chasing Hammer

What is a tool that every jewelry maker needs? There are so many to choose from, but a personal go-to would be a chasing hammer. If you do not know what that is, it’s a tool that has two different sides with different purposes. The larger flat side allows the user to flatten their piece, while the smaller, more rounded side allows the user to achieve a more textured or hammered look to their projects. The HMR-17 The Chasing Hammer, from Fretz, is a nice treat for your jewelry making friends. There are various types of these hammers that Fretz makes, but this medium weight hammer is a great one to have. The handle features a nice pistol grip and the hammer’s weight is balanced, allowing for effortless blows.

Jewelry Tee Shirt, from OUToftheBOXGiftShop
Jewelry Tee Shirt from OUToftheBOXGiftShop on Etsy

Best Novelty Gift

Every jewelry artist needs something to advertise their love of jewelry making. This Jewelry Tee Shirt, from OUToftheBOXGiftShop on Etsy, is the perfect gift for your jewelry-making friend. This tee shirt is made from one of my own favorite shirt brands, Bella + Canvas. The cotton tee shirt is soft and comes in various colors ranging from plain black (pictured) to heathered colors. These shirts are unisex, with sizes from XS to 3XL. This tee is perfect for lounging around or for getting coffee between jewelry making projects. Your recipient is guaranteed to love this gift!

Shopping for beginners can be difficult even if you share their passion! I hope that this mini gift guide helps in your venture of gifting this season. These gifts for beginning jewelry artists, whether tools, kits, or even a fun tee shirt, will be greatly appreciated by your friends and loved ones.

Do you have a favorite gift to give to beginner jewelry artists? Let us know in the comments!

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