April 24, 2024


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Jewelry Collection Stories – Beth of RoCo Heirlooms – Gem Gossip

Roco Heirlooms

Roco Heirlooms

Today’s featured jewellery collector is Beth of RoCo Heirlooms. Beth has an unbelievable eye for antiques and her necklace stacks and attraction combos are out of this world! Talking of out of this planet, her spouse is a former astronomer so celestial motifs are one of her preferred points to obtain. I just adore her private assortment and so content to share it with you all currently – let’s dive in:

How lengthy have you been accumulating?

As with many collectors, I have cherished jewelry my entire existence and my mom experienced a superb jewellery selection. I initially turned interested in antique and classic jewelry when I was 13 many years old and my parents bought me two antique rings for a unique event from a incredible jewelry shop in Baltimore, wherever I grew up. I have been gathering jewelry much more seriously considering that about four several years in the past soon after my mom died. 

Roco Heirlooms

Explain some of your preferred antique motifs that you accumulate.

I discover sporting jewelry pretty comforting, and I like the idea that donning jewelry is form of like carrying armor—that jewelry can have protective traits. And so, I really like antique, classic, and present-day items that have shields, protective fingers, swords or armor. I appreciate celestial pieces since they make me assume of my husband who is a former astronomer. And I adore hearts and initials, specially as they relate to my relatives. 

Roco Heirlooms

What is it about jewelry that tends to make it your enthusiasm?

I think jewelry is attractive, and I adore the vitality I come to feel when I dress in something that is wonderful and that has exclusive indicating for me. I appreciate the treasure searching method and searching for a seemingly difficult-to-find, one-of-a-type piece that has monumental symbolism and mixing it with the rest of my pieces. 

Roco Heirlooms

Wherever do you like to obtain antique jewellery? // Most loved area to treasure hunt?  

When I initially began significantly collecting jewelry, I savored likely to classic exhibits around where by I reside in Southern California, this sort of as A Present-day Affair, Pickwick Classic and the Delmar Antiques Show. As I have uncovered much more about jewelry and observed sure sellers whom I trust, I have more and more purchased a lot more parts by way of Instagram. 

Roco Heirlooms

Do you have any pieces that have an fascinating tale guiding it?

Just one of my most particular parts of jewelry is a appeal my mother gave me for my 30th birthday. She took the centre diamond from my grandmother’s engagement ring and had it set in a white gold swirl with a more compact diamond from my grandmother’s ring at the conclude. The much larger diamond represents the moon the more compact diamond a star. It is meant to depict a declaring my mother generally instructed me: “Shoot for the moon, if you miss out on you will be amongst the stars.” My engagement ring—a round diamond with French cut sapphires all-around it (an Art Deco motivated concentrate on ring)—is related to my marriage ceremony song, “Fly Me to the Moon.” The diamond to me appears to be like a total moon floating in a dark blue sky. Interestingly sufficient the underbelly of my engagement ring has a Greek crucial motif. Wholly unrelated, we finished up likely to Greece on our honeymoon.  

Roco Heirlooms

Most new find … most sentimental piece…something you use every day

My engagement ring, my marriage band, my mother’s marriage ceremony band, a Victorian diamond double snake ring, and three signet rings—two on a person pinky—one a retro Tiffany signet ring with an armored arm/hand, sword with “fortitude” in Latin and a diamond shield signet ring from The Moonstoned. The third is an Edwardian, Tiffany platinum and sapphire signet ring with the preliminary B carved into it. Sapphire is my birthstone, the first is for my initial title and my partner phone calls me “B”.  

Many thanks for sharing your selection with us Beth. You can follow her listed here –> @rocoheirlooms