Radley Glaude from Brooklyn, NY

Hey Bombers! This week’s Bomber of the Week hails from the big BK! Radley Glaude, also known as Rad the Don, is a stylist and menswear influencer with a passion for well-tailored looks.

Radley’s wardrobe is filled with sleek suits and color so saturated you’d think he invented dopamine dressing. Though he tends to embrace all bright and bold hues, one look at his IG page will tell you that he may favor purples, oranges, and reds above all other colors. You’ll rarely see this fashion figure without a hat. While wide-brim fedoras are his go-to, Radley does dabble in baseball cap territory for his sportier looks. 

Texture play is also something Radley is familiar with: lush leathers, soft velvets, and chunky knits take up a portion of his well-curated closet which is another sign of his risk-taking approach to fashion.

It’s no secret Radley knows how to make a statement. Whether he’s stuntin’ on an NYC subway or promoting A Few Wood Men (a brand he represents), you can be sure he does so in style.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being our Bomber Of The Week, please DM @fashionbombmen (on Instagram) a brief description of your personal style (plus name and city) and 5-10 different pictures of your best outfits.