Walmart Nail Salon Prices & Hours PLUS a Hack to Save Big

Walmart Nail Salon Prices & Hours PLUS a Hack to Save Big

Are you wondering about Walmart nail salon prices and hours so you can give it a try? Congrats, you found the right article. There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a much-needed manicure and pedicure. But… with anything in life, especially with beauty-related services, this takes precious time and money. To my surprise, Walmart, known for its wide range of affordable products, offers nail salon services inside its stores. This can be a complete game-changer if you’re already at Walmart doing your weekly shopping and want to get your nails done while you’re at it. And, like Walmart’s affordable prices in-store, their nail salon also offers great deals on all types of nail services. So, if you’re looking for a new go-to nail place, look no further than your local Walmart.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices & Hours PLUS a Hack to Save Big

Can I Get My Nails Done At Walmart?


You can indeed get your nails done at most Walmart locations.

Whether you’re looking for a manicure, pedicure, dip powder nails, or even acrylics, Walmart offers a complete nail salon service in their stores via Regal Nail Salon.

So Who Exactly is Regal Nails?

Regal Nails is a franchised nail salon with over 800 locations in the United States.

Not only will you find Regal Nails in Walmart locations, but also in HEB, Meijer, and AAFES.

They pride themselves in having very consistent quality and pricing at all their locations.

Regal is also notorious for rigorously training their franchisees in all aspects of the nail salon business.

What are Walmart’s Nail Salon Hours?

It’s important to note that nail salon hours at Walmart can vary a little bit based on location.

That being said, a general rule of thumb for when these Walmart nail salons are open is the following:

Monday: 10am – 8pm
Tuesday: 10am – 8pm
Wednesday: 10am – 8pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

The good news is, no matter what day of the week, you should always be able to get your nails done at Regal Nails inside Walmart (with potential closings on holidays).

So, if you have a nail emergency or simply want to get a manicure at an affordable price, Regal Nails at Walmart is a solid option.

Just be sure to check your local Walmart nail store hours first before going.

Also, if you walk in 15 minutes before closing, you’re probably screwed.

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before they close to allow enough time for a mani-pedi.

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What Are the Nail Salon Prices Like?

As with hours varying from location to location, Walmart’s nail salon prices vary depending on where you go.

But to give you a rough idea, a “nothing fancy” manicure will run you about 20 bucks and a pedi will cost about $30.

That being said, you should expect to pay about this much for the following services:

  • Acrylic Nails: $30
  • Manicure: $17
  • Spa French Pedicure: $22
  • Spa Pedicure & Manicure: $42
  • Nail Repair: $7
  • Pink Fill Only: $20
  • Solar Color Nails: $42
  • Pedicure: $30
  • Powder Gel Fill: $20

These prices are estimates based on online data, what my local Walmart is charging, and phone calls to a few nearby Walmart locations.

To my surprise, you can get a wide variety of nail styles considering this is a nail salon right inside a Walmart.

Popular nail styles include gel nails, solar nails, overlay, and powder gel.

All of these prices are quite affordable compared to most other nail salons and “fancy” spas.

That being said, with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

With paying just under $30 for a full set of acrylic nails, don’t expect perfection or for your acrylics to stay on for weeks on end.

Do They Accept Walk-Ins?


Walmart’s nail salon does accept walk-ins on a first come first serve basis.

Therefore, you don’t need to book an appointment ahead of time.

So, after you’ve done some shopping and noticed your nails look a little rough, consider stopping by Walmart’s nail salon to give some much-needed TLC.

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Can I Book my Appointment Online?


Depending on the Walmart, some of their nail salons, but not all, offer online booking.

So, be sure to check your local Walmart nail salon policies on online booking if that will give you some peace of mind.

Again, you can also just simply walk in.

The worse that can happen is you’ll have to wait a little bit before getting your nails done.

Can I Use My Walmart Gift Card at Regal Nails?


You absolutely can use your Walmart gift card on your next manicure or pedicure.

You can also use it to to get your hair cut or styled at any Walmart hair salon.

Can Walmart Workers Use Their Employee Discount?


Some locations will absolutely let workers use their 10% Walmart employee discount in the nail and hair salon located within the store.

Other locations won’t…so just ask and see if you can use your discount card at the Walmart where you work.

Ask the Reader: Do you get your nails done at Walmart? If so, what’s been your experience with their nail salon service?

By Kyle James

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