Where to Find Gabby’s Dollhouse In Stock (When it’s Sold Out Almost Everywhere)

Every holiday season, there’s that one toy — the one that sells out a couple weeks before Christmas, leaving parents scrambling. Last year, that toy was the Magic Mixies (which, thankfully, are more plentiful this year). This year, that toy is Gabby’s Dollhouse (the Purrfect Dollhouse Playset, specifically). Although the mini Target Shopping Cart is giving it a run for its money.

We flagged Gabby’s Dollhouse as one of the top toys of the year, but it’s been well stocked throughout the season … until now. Here’s where to check to find it in stock (and a few places you can find it from resellers, if you can afford to buy it at a markup). We’ve also suggested a few similar alternatives you can buy IF your child’s heart isn’t absolutely set on Gabby.

Why is Gabby’s Dollhouse Sold Out?

If you’re hunting high and low for this toy, you’re likely well aware of what it is and why kids love it. But for the uninitiated, “Gabby’s Dollhouse” is a popular kids’ TV show. The Purrfect Dollhouse Playset (which retails for $67.99) is a replica of the magical house preschoolers love from the series, which follows the magical adventures of main character Gabby and her cat friends.

The house is (relatively) easy to assemble and made for little kids and toddlers who might not be quite old enough for more fragile dollhouses. It’s cute, compact and folds easily when you need to set it out of the way.

The tie-in to a popular show, combined with the charm of this playset (The colors! The cats!), combined with generous sales on toys from retailers like Target have now depleted stock, with just a couple weeks to go until Christmas.

Where to Find Gabby’s Dollhouse in Stock

We’ll be up front — it’s going to be hard to find this toy in stock in time for the holidays, especially if you’re relying on shipping. But here’s where to check — and some options on the secondary market.


screenshot from Target's website showing gabby's dollhouse sold out.
Image: Target.com

Status: In-store only at very few stores.

Target had this toy massively on sale recently. We’d love to see that kind of deal again, but now we’d just be happy to find it in stock. It’s unavailable for shipping and unavailable for pickup, but if you enter your ZIP code on Target’s site (or log in to your account), you’ll see stores that have (limited) stock and the aisle in which that limited stock is located. You won’t be able to order ahead online for in-store pickup, though. Since stock is so meager, Target can’t guarantee enough stock to fulfill orders, even if the dollhouse is technically at the store. So, you’ll have to drive to the store and try your luck.

Check Stock at Target


Status: Available, but marked up.

While you can order this for shipping (it’ll barely make it in time for Christmas), note that it’s available only through Walmart’s marketplace by a third-party seller. Therefore, it’s marked up to $106.99. But, if you must have this toy under the tree, it’s an option.

Buy Now at Walmart


Status: Available, but marked up.

Amazon marketplace sellers still have some options available, marked up starting around $100. But check those shipping dates. Some are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Dec. 25.

Buy Now


There are several options on eBay, available for a markup. But check those shipping prices — some of them have rather high shipping fees for on-time Christmas delivery.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Alternatives (If You’re Open to Other Options)

We know … your kid probably doesn’t want any old dollhouse. They want Gabby’s dollhouse. And if that’s the case, alternatives won’t do the trick. However, if your kids just want a dollhouse or you want to surprise them a dollhouse and keep striking out with Gabby, consider …

KidKraft Zoe Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly ($119.69)

zoe dollhouse on amazon
Image: Amazon.com

This dollhouse is a bit pricier (and taller) than Gabby’s house. But it’s an attractive, cute, brightly colored dollhouse for the 3+ set. And, unlike many dollhouses that try to imitate Gabby’s a little more heavy-handedly, THIS one has good reviews (4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon). Reviewers praise its sturdiness and quality. However, reviewers warn it takes two to three hours to assemble (in our experience, Gabby’s house takes two adults less than an hour).

Buy Now

Amazon Basics 4-Story Wooden Dollhouse ($70.61)

amazonbasics 4-story dollhouse
Image: Amazon.com

Here’s an option that’s closer to the price point of Gabby’s Dollhouse. With colorful furniture and adorable decor, it’s a stylish addition to any play room. It boasts 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and reviewers praise this toy’s sturdiness and its value. However, assembly seems to be a sticking point (and a breaking point) for many reviewers, who note that it requires some screws and power tools (Gabby’s house, for comparison, snaps together with no tools required).

Other Gabby’s Dollhouse Accessories/Sets

Image: Target.com

Gabby’s Dollhouse Purffect Dollhouse Playset will likely pop back into stock soon after Christmas. We saw that happen with Magic Mixies last year. So, if you can come up with a convincing story about Santa being delayed or mixing up your child’s order, perhaps you can tide our child over with some enhancements for the dollhouse when it arrives. For example, Gabby also has a birthday party set, a treehouse and various furniture for her cats that you could buy.

Target is offering great deals on some of these sets, heading into last-minute holiday shopping.

Shop Gabby’s Dollhouse Sets

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