September 30, 2023


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what to ask your lash tech

What to Ask Your Lash Tech If You’re New to Eyelash Extensions

If you’re taking into consideration acquiring eyelash extensions or have previously made an appointment, congratulations! You’re about to get a person of the most glamorous therapies about.

They’ve been about for rather some time now, but it can be difficult to know what to check with for if you are not well versed in the environment of lash extensions!

Look for ‘eyelash extensions’ on Instagram or Google Images, and you are going to be achieved with all method of lash looks from the mega quantity to cat design and style to wispy hybrids – but what does all of that imply, and what if you really do not want a bold lash appear? Properly, fortunate for you, we’re listed here to assist you wade via the minefield that is eyelash extensions!

what to ask your lash tech

What particularly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are – typically speaking – built from artificial fiber. When we implement eyelash extensions, we use a pair of tremendous fine-tipped tweezers to isolate a single one particular of your pure lashes and apply a one extension (or fan of extensions, if you have a volume lash set) to that eyelash. We repeat this until eventually each individual of your lashes is lined.

Styles of eyelash extensions


Mink eyelash extensions are a terrific alternative if you want a purely natural seem. Actual mink fur tends to make these search and really feel incredibly pure. They are, having said that, the most high-priced form of eyelash extension.


For an cost-effective alternate, look at artificial eyelash extensions. These are built from artificial fibers, so they’re not as delicate as mink eyelash extensions. If you want a pure appear, they are however a excellent selection.


For a little something a minor extra extraordinary, consider silk eyelash extensions. Silk fibers make these quite smooth and purely natural-searching. On the other hand, they’re also high-priced.

The application you want

There are numerous strategies eyelash extensions can be used in terms of volume and protection, but just to start out out nice and easy, we’ll go above the main 3 – classics, hybrids, and quantity.

Traditional lashes are in some cases referred to basically as ‘single lash extensions’ as they are precisely that – one particular solitary eyelash extension put on 1 solitary natural lash. These can be super delicate, give a mascara influence, or even be a little bit additional spectacular, depending on particularly which lashes are utilised.

Volume lashes are created from lash ‘fans’ – these are a lot finer than the lashes utilised to create vintage lash sets and, as these kinds of, can be built into very little lovers that make fluffy volume appears on your lashes. Volume (like everything else similar to eyelash extensions) comes in quite a few forms. Ordinarily, your lash technician will make the admirers by hand as they operate. Nevertheless, you can get premade quantity enthusiasts too, which saves a bit of time for you and your lash tech while giving you the same wonderful effects.

Hybrid lashes, pretty only, are a combination of common and volume lashes – depending on the seem, you are hoping your lash tech may well use far more classics than quantity admirers or vice versa or might choose for an even 50/50 split.

So what must you question your lash technician when you guide your appointment?

Recognize the essentials of eyelash extension treatment

Your lash tech will be capable to fill you in on all the particulars, but it’s handy to know a several items heading into your appointment. Lash extensions are semi-long lasting, indicating they will previous wherever from 4-6 months with proper care. Be absolutely sure to ask your lash tech about the ideal way to treatment for your extensions and what variety of products to use.

Know what operates for you

When you’re getting lash extensions, you have many alternatives in conditions of duration, thickness, and curl. Be positive to question your lash tech about what will do the job very best for your eye form and what glance you’re likely for.


Lash extensions involve some maintenance. You’ll need to have to get them refilled just about every 4-6 months, and you might require to get them trimmed from time to time. Be absolutely sure to talk to your lash tech about the best way to care for your extensions to preserve them on the lookout their most effective.

Asking inquiries is the greatest way to make certain you have a good knowledge with your lash extensions. Be guaranteed to check with your lash tech about everything you’re uncertain of in advance of your appointment.

how to ask for eyelash extensions


When we communicate about styling, we’re talking about the form of the eyelash extensions – there are 3 ‘main’ shapes, but – if you have not guessed centered on each other part of lash extensions – there are variants to how these can appear based on how they are used. You’re not likely to have to have to know the specific styling your lash tech employs, but if you are anything at all like us, you may possibly come across this fascinating anyway!

Dolly or open up eye

Refers to quite a symmetrical styling exactly where the longest lash extensions are applied to the middle of the eye, and the lengths get shorter as they operate towards the corners of your eyes.

Squirrel styling

No, we really do not know why they chose squirrel as the identify of this!) is a quite universal design where by shaping is worried as it follows the normal arch of the brows and the standard development of the all-natural lashes.

Cat design and style

Characterised by extended lengths on the outer corners of the eyes, it offers a attractive minimal flick! Cat types are the most commonly encouraged shape, as it is what everybody has listened to of. Nonetheless, it really fits extremely number of men and women as it can cause the eyes to look unfortunate due to the excess duration at the ends of the eyes.

Inquiries to talk to

  • How usually should really I cleanse my lashes?
  • What kind of cleanser should really I use?
  • How can I stop my lash extensions from slipping out prematurely?
  • What need to I do if I have an allergic response to the lash adhesive?

Base line

So there you have it – the fundamental principles of eyelash extensions and what to inquire your lash tech for! The extra you appear into lashes, and the additional you get them, the additional types and appears you will appear throughout, and the extra creativeness you can afford your lash tech!

As considerably as we Adore that spiky, wispy volume sets we see all over social media, our straightforward guidance to you is to commence tiny – possibly go with classics or very light quantity and permit your lash technician know that you would like one thing a lot more all-natural so that they can opt for significantly less spectacular curls and lengths.

When eyelash extensions – when applied effectively – are light-weight and will not weigh your normal lashes down at all. Heading from hardly ever owning eyelash extensions to getting a extraordinary quantity set will truly feel hefty, and you will most likely stop up not liking them!